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Never tell your password to others. No faculty and staff ask your password.

Activation of your account

The new users of the account (ECS-ID, SPS-ID) and those who had the activation notice reissued in forgetting passwords should activate your account here.

Change the parameters, such as the password, extension, forwarding address of Student Mail (KUMOI) and so on.

In changing the password or in changing the forwarding address of Student Mail (KUMOI), please change the setting parameters from here.

※1: When you meet the login image again, you can login with all-university account(ECS-ID, SPS-ID). The image will be shifted to the operation image for changing the parameters.
※2: For the forwarding setting of Faculty and Staff Mail (KUMail), please change it from the Web mail screen of KUMail.

Institute for Information Management and Communication, Kyoto University